WorldatWork Salary Budget Survey

Now Available: Results from the ‘WorldatWork 2018-2019 Salary Budget Survey’


The WorldatWork 2019-2020 Salary Budget Survey is now closed for participation. Participants will receive Top-level data in late June, and the full complimentary results in August. Non-participants can purchase in early August.

WorldatWork’s annual salary budget survey is the longest-running survey of its kind, delivering data and information that covers 19 countries. For more than 40 years, compensation professionals have relied on the salary budget survey in making key decisions about their compensation spend. Results available now.

Survey Results

WorldatWork 2018-2019 Salary Budget Survey

Released July 31, 2018

In its 45th year and reflecting 5,499 responses, the survey data covers base salary increases, merit budgets, salary structure adjustments (U.S. only), promotional increases (U.S. only) and variable pay plans (U.S. only).

WorldatWork 2017-2018 Salary Budget Survey

Released Aug. 1, 2017

WorldatWork 2016-2017 Salary Budget Survey

Released Aug. 1, 2016

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